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So your “baby” is graduating high school…

Here are 7 things that your child should know before they leave the nest…

1.  Spending money only happens after you earn it!

2.  Good grades are the rule, not the exception.  You shouldn’t expect a high-five or money each time you come home with an A.  You need to learn that your grades in high school will effect you in college. It isn’t about the letter grade as much as it’s about the study and learning habits you create while in high school. 

3.  Learn the importance of saving. If you want to buy something with the money that you have saved, go ahead!   But only spend half!

4.  Get to know your professors! They aren’t there to give you a hard time.  They are a wealth of knowledge and for the most part, believe it or not, they actually know what they are talking about! Appreciate that and learn from them! 

5.  No matter how much you hate it, realize the importance of taking a speech class! 

6.  Your high school friends are great and you’ll probably stay in touch with 2-3 of them, but college is not an extension of high school!  Don’t be afraid to meet new friends in college. 

7.  Don’t cram!! True learning can not be done in 1-2 cram sessions. Set aside an hour a day for studying and you won’t be as stressed out come test time!
You’re going to college for a reason, see it for what it really is, an opportunity to get the life you want! Take advantage of this opportunity and make the best of it!!