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I have had my fair share of weight issues and have battled with an eating disorder and general body image issues. Because of my extensive psychology education and my own experiences, I use this knowledge to help other women get the best results possible with a proper nutrition and fitness program. I understand the importance of discovering the underlying cause of health issues. I make sure that the program is tailored to them and their individual goals and needs. I have used what I’ve learned and the amazing support circle that I have around me to be able to get myself on the road to a better, safer and healthier life!


On top of that I am a mom to a wonderful 7 year old daughter and step-mom to 5 amazing kids!  I love to share stories and tips related to mommyhood and love sharing my thoughts and opinions on products that I use for my family and I love sharing ideas on what to do for fun with the kids!


I have an amazing boyfriend who supports me no matter how crazy my ideas are.  He’s helping me reach my dreams and I couldn’t do it without him!


Oh!  Did I mention I’m also a softball coach to a group of wonder 5-7 year olds, including my daughter and step-daughter!


I am doing this all to help moms like myself and moms-to-be! I want to help women to be able to support their families, doing something they LOVE and feel FULFILLED doing, while still having time to enjoy their lives!!

If you are willing to put in the hard work and time— you can accomplish ANYTHING you set your mind to and I’m here to remind you of that!

Don’t be a stranger! Make sure you check my page out daily and comment so I can get to know you!

dont quit


Hello world!

Change is here!  My previous blog was a lot of fun for me, I had daily themes but it was beginning to be a little too…boring for me.  I thought about revamping the style to provide more value to everyone.  I recently became more involved in learning more about the blogging world.  I’m taking Erica House’s 0-60k ecourse which is packed with a ton of information and tips on how to get your blog up and running full speed!  I have been all about working my way to a life as a work-from-home mom and I am seeing myself getting closer each day.  I have 1 daughter and 5 amazing step kids…I have a lot of motivation to make this happen!  So I welcome you on this new journey.  I would love to hear from you and look forward to getting to know you all a lot more!

dont quit