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Make exercise a habit

So you’re excited to start working out.  You just bought new workout clothes, new shoes, maybe some hand weights and a workout dvd. You’re excited to see how strong your beast mode is.   You get started and you’re on your 3rd day and you just stop.  All of a sudden you’re too tired, there’s no time, and you convince yourself that you’ll just start again this weekend or next Monday.

Here’s something to ask yourself.  Is it the workout?  Why did you pick that workout?  Was it recommended to you, did you do a blind search and just grab the first thing you saw?  Is it similar to a previous workout that you did?  Finding the right workout is the most important step after deciding that you’re going to start working out.  So what makes a great FOR YOU workout?

* The workout has fun music! Because honestly, who wants to work out to music that makes you want to go to sleep?

* The workout needs to give you the results that you are looking for without hurting you!  If you can barely get through a workout physically, then more than likely you’re not going to stick with it.  It’s like me with running…it may be great for others, but physically I am just not a runner!

* The trainer!  Yes!  It matters who the trainer or instructor is on the video!  If you are a Richard Simmons type of personality for a trainer then you don’t want a yoga teacher as your instructor.

Ok, so now that you have those 3 things to look out for, how do you create a habit of exercising?

First step – decide on a time of day that works best for you.  If you are a morning person, then working out after dinner isn’t going to be ideal and if you’re a night person, don’t even attempt getting up earlier to workout.  I love how awesome I feel after I work out, but I know better than to attempt to get up earlier in the morning to exercise…I am NOT a morning person!

Second step – Scenery!  If you don’t have a lot of space to workout in, make the space that you do have a spot that will make you want to work out.  If it’s on the patio, great, but think of how it’ll be working out there in the summer time.  If you are a gym person, make sure you belong to a gym that is close by.  There’s no worse motivator-killer than having to drive 30 minutes to go work out.  Make your spot nice, add a calming/motivating picture, make sure it’s not cluttered and that you have cushion for those floor exercises.

Third – Choosing the right workout.  Back to choosing what is best for you, also consider the following:  What makes you feel powerful? If you’re just starting out, don’t choose something that is high impact and 45 minutes long!  Start with power walking if you need to.  Always, ALWAYS ask your doctor or other professional physician what exercises would be good for you to start with.

Fourth – Focus on the real gratifications that come from developing a healthy exercise routine. What does exercising really do for you? A few positive things exercise does for you are:

  • makes you happier
  • gives you more energy
  • you become more creative
  • feeling more confident
  • you’re NICER!
  • you’ll feel accomplished
  • It’s a stress releaser

Remember it takes time, you’re body is going to need the time to adjust to this new routine and the fact that you’re finally taking care of it!  Once you follow these steps and learn to focus on the real reasons to exercise for, you’ll develop an exercising habit that you’ll love!  Then pretty soon your beast mode will turn epic!

beast mode is getting stronger!