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Daily Archives: December 6, 2016

What a great time for bloggers!

I am so excited for Christmas!!  This is the first year that my boyfriend and I have celebrated the holidays living together and we have been going crazy decorating! This is my absolute favorite time of year! The sad part is that 3 of my boyfriend’s kids will be flying to see their mom for Christmas. I’m happy they’ll get to see their mom, but sad we’ll be spending Christmas apart. But! That just means we get to have 2 Christmases!!

This week is a full Christmas week for us!  Tonight we’ll be celebrating St. Nicholas Day!  This is a German tradition that I have passed down to my daughter and I’m excited to pass it down to Mike’s daughter as well.   We’ll also be getting a tree, a real one, I haven’t had a real tree in YEARS!!  I’m so excited!!  We’ll be going around seeing Christmas lights, and taking the girls to see Santa!  And I’ll be taking a week off of work, so yeah, excited!!!!

I’ll be sharing some of our traditions, new and old (like that lovely but messy, Elf on the Shelf), ideas, DIY projects to do with the kiddos and recipe ideas for Christmas dinner.   I would love to hear what your traditions are!

Only 19 more days! Here we go!!

Ready for St. Nicholas!