A letter to my daughter…

As Mother’s Day approaches there are some things that I wish to share with my 7 year old daughter. As she is finishing 1st grade and as another softball season has ended, now is the time to slow down and remember what it really means to be her mother.

To my sweet Ava,

There are many life lessons that I watch you face on a weekly basis.  Most of them, you handle without much thought, others seem to take your breath away.  I see how much things affect you, like when your friends don’t want to play with you, or your friends rush to give you a hug when they see you walk through the door.  It seems to affect you to your core.

There will be many life lessons during your life and I hope that our talks will allow you to face them with grace, confidence, and dignity.  You will not be able to control everything that comes your way, but how you handle them is up to you and only you.  I hope that you learn to look at each situation from every angle.  It is important to understand other’s views, because yours is not always going to be the right one or the only one.  However , I hope that if there is something that you truly believe in, you never apologize for it and you learn to stand up for yourself.

Most 7 year olds ask questions, you in fact ask a LOT of questions!  I hope that you never stop.  Asking questions while finding your way, will lead you to great success and wisdom, which are two powerful traits a person can hold.

Follow your dreams!  Never allow anyone to get in the way of your dreams.  Do not be afraid to take the risks that will get you to your dreams.  If you stay focused and are smart in your decisions while gathering all of the information, taking risks doesn’t have to be scary.

It is important to surround yourself with friends that will encourage you and inspire you.  If someone truly loves you, they will help you and encourage you to reach your goals.  Just know that it is also important for you to be that friend to someone else.  Love your friends unconditionally.  Learn how to be forgiving but at the same time don’t allow someone to walk over you.

While you should surround yourself with good friends, you also need to be comfortable being by yourself.  Push yourself when no one else will, take care of yourself when no one else is around, pick yourself up when you fall.  If you are able to do this Ava, then when you meet that special person who you are ready to spend your life with, you’ll be doing it all for the right reasons. Don’t ever get stuck, don’t ever settle.  Life is too short to waste it on those who don’t help lift you up.

Learn to meditate, pray, clear your mind, whatever you need to do that ensures that you learn to listen to your intuition.  Intuition is powerful and if you learn to trust and follow it, it can save you from a lot of pain and can lead you to incredible happiness.

I watch you struggle to learn new things because you want to be perfect at it.  I wish you could see that just trying makes you perfect already.  I watch you console your friends when they are upset, but try to hide your own tears when you are upset.  I wish you could see that it is ok to cry.  I watch the hurt overcome you as you wish for your dad to spend more time with you.  I wish you could see how much love you are surrounded by every single day. I watch you accept the new chapter of our lives as a blended family.  I hope you know how accepting and loving you are.  I watch you get annoyed sometimes when others want to do what you do.  I hope that you see what being a leader means and that you embrace it.  I love when out of the blue you stop to give me a hug or tell me that you love me.  I hope that you can see how blessed and grateful I am that I get to call you my daughter.

I watch you do homework, play softball, meet new friends, read Junie B. Jones books, play video games and I sit in amazement.  You amaze me because I still see my sweet baby who I never wanted to put down, who I struggled to let anyone else hold.  You are an amazing person and will make big changes in this world.  I hope that you see how much you are needed, wanted and loved.

Happy Mother's Day!
Happy Mother’s Day!


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