5 Ways to know you’re in a real relationship!

How many relationships have you been in?  What were the reasons those relationships ended?  Have you found yourself swearing off relationships or men in general?  Are you doubting that you can trust yourself?  Are you questioning whether or not you’re in a good relationship?

Here are 5 ways to know that You’re In a Real Relationship!

  1. Work on yourself, but keep the door open!  Just because you’re in school for your Master’s or just because you’re getting your business off the ground, it doesn’t mean that adding a partner will derail you.  You need to recognize the importance of finding a healthy and positive relationship to include in your circle.  They may just be the push in the right direction that you’ve been looking for.
  2. Don’t rule out professions as a whole!  Yes, you may have met a few bad apples along the way, but recognize that it’s the person more than the job.  There are realities to certain professions that you should certainly consider:  long hours, different shifts, safety concerns, deployment, high layoffs, etc., but who is that person and how do they handle those situations?  That is where your focus should be.  If you keep an open mind and open heart you just might meet the man of your dreams who just happens to be a police officer.  Just never say never.
  3. Saying I love you is powerful, but you need to realize that it takes more than love for a relationship to work.  There must be commitment, flexibility, friendship, and communication.  For myself, we are strong on all of these fronts with me working harder on the communication side.  However, because we talk about everything, I am aware of this.
  4. Be with someone who makes you genuinely happy.  However, you need to realize that overall, you are in control of your own happiness.  You need to have the ability to cope with all of the things life throws at us.
  5. Relationships change us.  But it’s up to you on how they change you.  We all change when we’re in a relationship, our priorities change, our interests and even our hobbies change. For me, I am doing more things that I never would’ve done on my own.  Eating different foods, cooking more, getting into baseball, coaching softball and liking it, to name a few.  Being in a healthy and positive relationship that allows you to change and grow for the better is worth everything, don’t give up!

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