Traveling with Kids

It’s summer time and that means traveling time!!  

We are traveling all over for baseball this summer with 15 & 8 years old in tow. Here are some must-have basics to make traveling as smooth as possible! 

1. Toothbrush and toothpaste. I normally buy the travel size for both in case we leave them behind on our way home.

2. Always pack an extra outfit in case a day is added to your trip.

3. Swimsuit in case you stay near a beach or at a hotel with a swimming pool.

4. A towel for that swimming pool or beach trip!

5. Deodorant

6. Q-tips & Cotton balls

7. Brush & hair clips/pony tail holders

8. Contact solution and an extra pair of contacts just in case!

9. Razor

10. Travel size shampoo & conditioner, the ones the hotel supplies are great, but not usually enough for everyone for more than a day

*Side note, we don’t have them clean the room while we’re there, so we ask for extra towels when we check in.

11. Lotion

12. I always bring my own pillow too.

13. Any medication you may take…always bring an extra days’ worth just in case!

14. Camera (extra batteries or charger too!)

15. Your child’s favorite stuffed animal. (Actually, my daughter felt guilty having to choose just 2, so she packed her backpack with as many as it could fit!)

16. Lysol spray…I always spray the tv remote in the room when we get there. 🙂

Don’t forget to pack for the car ride too!

1. Books/magazines

2. iPad or phone for the kids to play on, don’t forget that charger & headphones!

3. Snacks & drinks

4. Blanket

5. Extra phone chargers

6. Toys/coloring book for kids

7. Portable DVD player (again, don’t forget the headphones & charger!)

One other car packing tip…I’ve seen a lot of sites that offer suggestions that include hanging things from the handles above the car windows (like buckets with toys inside)….please keep in mind while that may be a creative idea, imagine where those items may end up or turn into if you end up in a car accident. I pray this doesn’t happen to you, but please don’t hang anything from anywhere that can be turned into a weapon against you or your child….

Check back for packing tips for tournament traveling!

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